Tom Arbour is an Ohio-based environmental scientist whose love of the natural world developed into a passion for capturing it with a camera.  Tom holds a Masters of Environmental Science from Miami University where he studied Geographic Information Systems, Ecology, and Environmental Policy.  In 2003, he began a career documenting Ohio's rare species and managing the last remnants of Ohio's natural heritage.

In order to share the magnificence of the natural world, Tom began using a digital camera  to photograph essentially every interesting natural phenomenon that he would see.  From these initial documentary photographs, he grew to learn more about photographic composition and technique, advancing to create the captivating imagery of the natural world that you see here.

In addition to extensive travels in the American West, Southeast, Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast, Tom has explored  the deserts of Australia and tropical rain forests of Malaysian Borneo.  His work has been displayed  at The Peggy McConnell Worthington Arts Center, the Lowe-Volk Nature Center, and the Brukner Nature Center.

Please enjoy the wonderful photographs you see here.  Each one is available for purchase.  Your support helps fund the gear and adventures during which Tom captures these compelling  photographs.   Ultimately, it is his goal to further the support for the preservation of biodiversity and wild places everywhere.  

Contact Information:

Thomas Arbour

Worthington, Ohio


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